Tips to Write a Good Resume

To make a notable and attractive resume is a very essential aspect of your career. It is the first stepping-stone to your success journey. No matter how proficient you are, if your resume is not good enough, it will certainly land you nowhere. After all, before they see it in your personality, they see it on the paper.

Tips to Write a Good ResumeA resume is a kind of report card of your past qualifications and experiences on the basis of which you get tabbed for the job. Anyhow, you ought to make sure that your resume does not join the other not-so-impressive ones in the bin. Keep in mind that you are born in a very competitive world and articulating a good resume stands out to be the paramount thing for you to survive in this ever so expensive and competitive world. Also, the most unlikely factors in your resume can make or break the first impression that you will create before your to-be employers. Your resume should be cogent and convincing. Underneath is a set of top 10 points in a certain order that you need to take care of.

Key points

There are certain points that your resume requisitely should envelop. Make sections about your personal data, qualifications, interests, work experience and achievements. And always maintain a sense of precision since it talks volumes about the person that you are.


A good layout of you as a person is vital. Keep your resume neat and clean, no crumbled or uneven sized pages. Else, it directs the recruiter to think that a person, who cannot maintain a well-structured resume, cannot live up to too many expectations.


Normally the very first place that comes into sight is the upper middle region of the page. So make sure that you highlight the positive points specifically in that area to earn some quick brownie points.

Length of the resume

Remember that recruiters do not have the whole day to entertain you. They are in search of a person who can portray their personality on paper with accuracy and conviction in brevity. So keep your resume crisp and do not exceed two A4 size sheets.

Know the job you are applying for

Be objective. You may be a master of varied skills, but do have a precise knowledge about the job applying for. So, highlight and jot down those points first that make you apt for the job. Catering to requirements is an indispensable and crucial requirement.

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Your resume should echo about your uniqueness and as to how you are contradistinctive from others. It should tell why only you should be chosen over others and can prove to be profitable for the company. This is the best way to strive in the rat race.


Mention every skill that you possess, like communication artistry, computer finesse, problem dealing abilities, co-curricular activities; all are relevant, as these are the very basics for any jobs these days. Organizational skills are more often than not more important than personal ones.


You should sound like a very interesting person, with whom the company would certainly like to work. Under the interests section, mention everything that you are interested in, even your voluntary work for somebody. This might give you an edge over your competitors. An interesting person always has fresh new ideas that work for the best interest of the organization, thus making you a good catch. Your resume should actually compel the recruiter to interview you and elect for the job.


Whenever you go for a competition, irrespective of the fact that you win you lose, the important thing you gain is experience. So, experience always speaks. If you are applying for a big post and you have been the captain of a team at your college level, then do mention about it. It indicates about your knowledge about teamwork and about how to extract work out of people and you possess leadership qualities.

Review your resume

After completing the resume, do review it in order to make sure that you have not slipped out any of the essential information. Do keep your resume updated as each day fetches you a new experience in your life.

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