How to Create an Effective Profile on oDesk

A good looking informative profile always attracts potential clients and shows your value as a Freelancer. From my personal experience I can say it’ll help you to encourage potential clients to invite you for their jobs. No doubt this deserves your first priority if you really want to be an efficient freelancer on oDesk. Today I’ll discuss how you can create your oDesk profile effective and attractive to get the attention of prospective clients. You just need to spend a little time for it to create a good looking profile that will make your separate identity from the mob!

Create a Good Looking Profile:

In order to create a good looking and attractive profile, I think first you need to focus on your objective statement. In this section you need to tell prospective clients, why you are the perfect candidate for their job. Potential clients usually read this portion first from your profile. This is the space for you to take a chance to grab their attention to you. If you succeed, they will read more of your profile.

oDesk Profile

After completing the objective statement, list all of your skills individually. These are the keywords that will show notably in oDesk search results. As oDesk provides exact search fields of skills, individually skill listing is very important. Surely you always want to get jobs which matches to your skills. So, just list those skills that you actually have. It’ll help you to attract the attention of right clients.

You should follow the oDesk identity policy for your profile. Use your full real name which you’ve used in your national identity card or passport issued by your government so that oDesk can verify your identity. Don’t use any blur, dark or group photo as your profile portrait. The portrait should be professional, friendly, and clear. Make your face very visible in your portrait and remember if you use a nice friendly and professional portrait in your profile, it’ll make a good image to the clients.

Get permission from your current and past clients inside as well as outside oDesk to add their job info with you in your oDesk Profile Portfolio. Store that permission safely to avoid any kind of problems in future. A profile with effective portfolio will help your prospective clients to understand your work ability and experience easily.

Take all of your skill related oDesk tests. You must need to start with oDesk Readiness Test. It’ll help you to complete your oDesk profile. Generally oDesk recommends you to pass at least 4 tests excluding readiness test, which will help you to increase your job application quota to 20 per week. Try to get at least 3.5 score to make your profile look better to a client. You should also try to participate on other oDesk tests, which matches to your skills. Make all of your passing tests display publicly in your profile if you score more than 3.5 points. It’ll help probable clients to understand your qualifications and work ability. It’ll also encourage them to invite you for their jobs. If you can’t pass in any test or have low scores, you can retake that after a certain gap.

Check the spelling and grammar properly of all the contents of your profile. Proofread your total profile contents minimum twice before saving and publishing publicly. It’ll be better if you ask a friend to proofread that for getting confirmation. If you can represent your profile without any flaw, it’ll create a good impression on prospective clients to understand that you’re very conscious. It’ll provide reasons for the clients to invite you to apply on their jobs.

Adding your employment history, educational qualifications, professional certifications and job skills will make your profile more potential. Personally I have done this for my profile and got a very good result.

Don’t forget to update your profile very often. Try to add new skills, experiences and portfolio after the completion of each job. It’ll show your activeness and productivity to potential clients and encourage them to invite you to apply to their jobs.

oDesk is a place for professional freelancers and your profile will be a part of a large online collection of qualified freelancers. That’s why I will suggest you to keep improving your skills and update your profile information on a regular basis. It’ll make your position clear and notable among others. I believe this article will help you greatly to create a nice effective oDesk Profile, which will show that you’re a notable and worthy candidate in your working field. Wish you a very successful freelance career on oDesk.

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