Earn Online Money as a Writer without Having Your Own Blog

Earn Online Money

Nowadays online moneymaking has come out as the biggest search string on any search engines or social media. The rising cost of living around the world is the main reason of it, and also emergent familiarity with internet has made it possible to get handsome earnings sitting in your home.

In the recent years, blogging has caught special attention around the world. You can see huge number of full time bloggers who are earning well regularly, and their income is gradually increasing. Blogging is the most popular method of earning cash sitting in home. It’s popular because a blogger can make money with their writing capabilities, which they enjoy as well. Sometimes they just make articles by re-writing or spinning any other articles. There are very few who have their own blog, because having a blog established needs a good investment and it’s not possible for all. Don’t worry; there have a few ways for you. You can also earn good cash by blogging without having your own blog. You only need some talent to write articles and desire to succeed. Let’s look on the opportunities to be a Writer.

Paid Writing Opportunities

It’s one of the best and easiest ways to earn online money. Actually, when you have excellent writing talent, it’s very easy for you. There are a lot of opportunities for those who can write well. Many clients look for content writers, editors and community moderators. oDesk is one of the best online marketplaces for you, if you want to use your writing skill in order to earn money. Get an account with oDesk, setup your attractive profile, and apply for the writing jobs. Digital Point Forum is another place where you can find vast writing breaks that suit with you. You don’t need to have any blog for it. Just get a registration, start writing and earn cash.

Guest Blogging Contests

guest blogging contest

Nowadays guest posting is one of the best FREE methods to generate traffic to any blog. Many bloggers ask for guest posting in their blogs, arrange guest posting contests, and offer huge amount of cash for prizes and other stuff. You can find a few guest blogging contests in a niche that you like most and feel comfortable with, post good quality articles regularly, complete all the formalities for the contest and wait for the result.

Blog Editing or Co-Authorship

There are many people who can write well but don’t have much time to pay attention to various aspects such as plugins, designing, monetization etc. of their blog. Multi author blogs are the best option for them. You can register with such blogs and write there constantly. If you devote all of your efforts on it, it can bring you the opportunity to become an editor of the blog. If you are writing on an AdSense income sharing blog and you have your own AdSense publisher id; the added AdSense profits is a comprehensive bonus for you.

Finally, I will say, if you don’t have any blog, it doesn’t mean that you have no option to earn money by writing! If you have real skill on writing and you are confident about it, it can be a great way to prove yourself. Start with one of the ways I have discussed in this article above. Think about your capabilities, go and get set for that.

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