Online Marketing Strategy for your Blog

Blog PromotionIf you have a habit to write anything such as story, narration etc., I think you should try for blogging once. Blogging is a good way to narrate your feelings and also a way to earn some extra income. But it depends on regular traffic to your blog. More traffic means more profitable blog. And at this point a common question comes into every bloggers mind, ‘How to get good traffic into my blog?’

I will tell you about some strategies now. Only following a good strategy you can get a good number traffic into your blog.

  • First select a popular topic to write on and define some keywords then start your article writing by using those keywords.
  • Put the keywords in the title of your article and use every keyword at least once in each paragraph of your article.

These are the only steps you need to take while writing an article for your blog but after publishing your article on your blog you must need to take a few steps to publicize your blog properly on the web. For publicizing you blog there have two basic ways, paid marketing and free marketing. I know when you will write for your own interests, there is no need to spend money on it for marketing. Because for paid marketing you need to use PPC programs such as Google Adwords which costs a lot. Here I will discuss about the Free Marketing Strategies for such bloggers. For free marketing you can use:

  • FREE Traffic Exchange Programs: This is a program where you just need to get FREE registration with Free Traffic Supply websites and need to post your blog’s ads in their directory. In return you will have to redirect your traffic to their websites.

Here I have a few website names that will help you:

  1. Traffic Swarm
  2. Traffic Roundup
  3. Traffic Pods
  4. Top Surfer
  5. Hit Pulse
  • Email Marketing: You can send emails to your friends and tell them about your blog. Also you can request them to tell about your blog to their friends.
  • Article Marketing: This is one of the best online marketing policies ever I have found. Spin and summarize your main article to create a new one related with your main blog post. Don’t forget to use the same keywords and submit them into Article Directories. Here I have few best article directories to get started for your blog:
  • Forum Posting: I think this is the most important part for you to market your blog popular over internet. For forum posting you need to find forums related to your niche. All forums are free to register and making post into them. You just need to post your blog post’s URL into a forum’s post by using BB Code. In a forum there have many ways to put your blog link. You can set your blog link into the signature and profile.
  • Social Networking: Nowadays social networks are very strong and most of the internet users are using them very frequently. So, after creating a post in your blog, get an account with social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and integrate your social accounts with your blog.
  • Blog Commenting: This is a very old but nice way to tell about your blog to other bloggers. Just find blogs of your niche, start following them and place your comments on their posts where you can leave a link of your blog and of course you should do it relevantly. All visitors of that blog including the owner bloggers will notice your blog by doing so.
  • Blog Ping: Pinging is the most effective way to inform about your blog’s activities. When you update your blog, let the blog portals know by pinging them. You can ping lots of portals at a time by using
  • Link Exchange: This is one of the oldest ways to promote any blog. For this you need to find websites or blogs related to your niche and then request them to show your blog link on their websites. In exchange you will do the same for them.

Blog Promotion Checklist

However, here I have discussed about some new and old strategies which I have used but actually there have not fixed ways to follow. You must need to find your own way to work with. I wish this article will help you to find your own ways soon. Good Luck!

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