I have enjoyed my Work on oDesk

Oh! I am really very happy in this week because of my successful work hours with my new client Carion Young. On the October 1, 2013 I got an invitation for a job on oDesk where the client asked for writing articles on WordPress. As I am a WordPress developer, I felt interested in the job and accepted the invitation. And luckily the client responded to me by asking an interview for the job on oDesk. It was very thrilling and I replied to him fast with a sample of my article and asked him to see this blog. After one day on October 2, 2013 Carion started that contract with me and I just got turned on!


It was my first time when I was going to write articles about WordPress and it was full of thrill to me. Carion asked me to write 5 articles on following topics about WordPress:

  • WordPress Categories
  • WordPress Super Cache Plugin
  • WordPress Responsive Theme
  • A Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme from Themeforest
  • Anything about WordPress

He gave me complete freedom to select article titles but just suggested me to write them with more than 600 words and with a style of letter as that will be a letter from the magazine editor to the visitor. I have followed his suggestion and when gave him my first article, he replied on oDesk with following comments:

“First one looks great can’t wait to see the rest”

That comment just energized me and I have completed rest four articles within next 24 hours. There is no doubt that I have greatly enjoyed the job. I have just completed my job on October 4, 2013 and before ending the job Carion asked me for 5 more articles. He then ended that previous contact, made complete payment to me and started the new job. It was just an awesome feeling for me! Thanks to Carion because he liked my articles and gave me another chance to work with him. He is a very supportive client and I will be happy to work with him again and again.

However, it was just my feelings that I experienced during my work with Carion on oDesk and I have really enjoyed every moment of writing articles about WordPress. I wish you’ll also get such a nice client on oDesk and feel the touch of successful work with a supportive client. Wish you all a very good luck! Have a nice time.

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