What and Why I am Blogging Here?

I think many of my readers are now thinking why I am writing some visa related articles when I am an online marketing professional? Actually in this blog I’m warming up myself for writing articles and I wish to make some better article samples for my future clients. Basically I will write articles on WordPress, Online Marketing and other IT related topics but I will never give-up other topics to write. I am trying to improve my writing skill on any topics frequently.

I Love BloggingAs I am very friendly with Google Search (Basic and Advance both) I am now gathering information about immigrant and nonimmigrant visas to USA. And serving those information in my own words to you guys. I think many of you would like to know about visas to USA. That’s why I have stated with Student Visa to USA and I wish within this week I will write my next article about nonimmigrant visa to USA. Hope you have already read my article about the immigrant visa to USA which I published yesterday. I don’t know what topic I will choose for next but I’m sure that will be very useful to you.

Currently I am passing some busy time with my ongoing client. It is a nice experience for me to maintain a HYIP website which is totally developed by me with WordPress. Actually not only WordPress, there I have used a bit JavaScript to handle the payment system easily. It was my first experience to work with HYIP system. I hope I will write about this system soon in this blog but not today!

However, this is enough for today. I wish you will be with me always to know about my works and moves. If you’re a newbie Freelancer then it’s very possible that my experiences may help you. And if you are an employer then who knows you may like my jobs and skills to hire me for your next project! Okay then, bye for now. Good Luck!

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